We got out of class early today because we didn’t get a break. But that’s fine since the class always want to leave early anyways. This weekend was a weekend to remember and it was a very special one. But because of the weekend (May 29, 30, and 31) I’m left alone, hurt and broken. It’s to that point where I’ll just walk to the bathroom and hide in one of the stalls and cry.

Class Canceled

Because so many of the students didn’t do the reading assignment, my professor decided to kick them all out. A class of around 30 dropped down to 11 and she was not happy. Instead of continuing today’s lesson she just canceled it. My initial reaction was, “jesus Christ I could have been in bed still sleeping in.” But I mean on the bright side, I’m at the library working on homework (after I finish blogging) since I don’t start work until 5. I think my day is going to be a productive day. SCORE!

Ohhh and she told us not to tell the others that we’ll be having a little quiz on the Malcolm X reading tomorrow. Okay, to be honest, I’m laughing at the kids who didn’t do their homework because that’s their fault. They knew what they were doing! All you had to do was freaking read the story and annotate it…how lazy can you get?

Bathoom Conversation

Where’s a great place to have a conversation you ask? How about in the ladies restroom of my college campus? It’s not like we were talking while we were doing our business, although if this were true, I would honestly respond back and keep the conversation going…because I mean why not?

So the soap dispenser in the ladies room was out of soap (like always). But thank god I had my handy dandy hand sanitizer because I ended up having to use that instead. Don’t worry guys, I assure you that my hands are clean. I managed to get some soap out while I kept jamming my hands against the lever, THEN I used my sanitizer. Too bad for the other girl after me though because there was really no soap left. I saw her struggling to desperately get some soap out and instead of ignoring her I thought it would be nice if I would offer her some of my hand sanitizer, in which she was glad to use. Yay good karma for me!

So then we had a little conversation about what we are taking here at SSC and what our major was. Then she gave me a suggestion of which professor I should take if I were to take anatomy here. Bottom line, the conversation was very nice and she was too.

Maybe I might end up doing summer classes. Except of course I’ll just take one because I am transferring for the Fall to Central! Meh, we’ll see.

Spring Quarter

I didn’t tell you guys this but I am on my fifth week into my spring quarter. which means that I am half way through the quarter, or at least that’s what my professor told us. I feel like she’s a few weeks off. Again, I’m only taking one class. English 100+101…okay maybe two but technically the English 100 doesn’t even count towards a college credit, I just need to take it with my English 101 because that’s what I scored when I took the campus test last spring. After this quarter I’m leaving this college for another college because the college that I want to go to has the program I need to become a dental hygienist. How exciting right?

A lot has happened in the time I haven’t been posting on here. Instead I’ve been posting on my Tumblr because that’s basically my life diary..along with reblogs of course. If you want to follow me there just let me know, i’ll probably hand out my links if you aren’t a creep.

The reason why I’m on wordpress is because I can’t focus right now. I’m sitting down in my school’s computer lab trying to type up this paragraph when I keep blanking out on what I want to type. I have the urge to type but not sure how to phrase it or go about it so I thought, meh why not hit up wordpress, haven’t been on here since Fall.

The Final

Whoa. I see that wordpress has changed. Guess what guys! Today’s the last day i’ll ever take math in my entire life! Looks like I won’ be logging on wordpress for a while since winter break is a month for college kids. My overall grade for my quizzes weren’t that bad. I got a 3.0, not bad not bad, I can’t definitely live with that. I actually thought I got a 2 point something. And for my project we got a 3.6. Then there’s the final but I don’t know what grade I got for that yet. I just need my overall grade to be 3.0. If not, then it has to be higher or I’m screwed. Anyways, see you guys next quarter 🙂

SoMo’s Concert

Guys! My math class is almost over! Our last day of class on the 11th of December! However, projects are due Tuesday and there’s a quiz a week after next Tuesday then comes final. Not bad I guess, I’m really not stressing over it.

How was your weekend?! Please ask me how mines went…COS IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. No I didn’t get laid, but it was close to that! I went to SoMo’s concert on Saturday. By far the best concert I’ve ever been to. And I brought the perfect friend to bring. Maybe Ill post a photo up of ali and I’s outfit and maybe a video. Or maybe i’ll forget about it. I’ve posted them all over my other social sites, maybe I’ll skip this one…

Afterwards was a bit hell though because I was wearing heels for four hours straight standing and dancing. I had to lean on my good friend Ali because my foot was killing me. I almost wanted to cry. A nice lady smoking outside told me a helpful tip. I guess she saw me struggling and felt bad, she told me that I should bring my heel to a sonna because what it does it that the steam helps break in the material. Something along those lines but she sounded more smarter about it. I’d take that advice, except that I’d have to pay extra for a sonna lol, ali suggested I just use the blow dryer.

I did almost fall on my way to the car until Ali caught me. After that incident Ali just told me to take off my heels. Yep, I pulled the basic heel move. I was walking on cold cement with my bare foot. But I made sure there was no glass that I would be stepping on. Once we got to the rocky areas it was time for me to struggle some more. God how I love Ali, I leaned on her the whole time to the car. Such a great friend she is. ❤

Fogged Mirror


writing in mirror

Behind self-conscious translucency
the word sees me through blind eyes,
but I want the world to see me
like the smoke in my mirror.

In my mirror
I’m a blank face,
no name,
no identity.

I can draw in condensation
and create my own images of everything
I want them to see me as
and everything
I want to be

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