Captors of the Dog

How dare you call me paranoid. I’m not paranoid, I’m just showing more concern about her health than you are. I’m trying to help her, unlike you who wants her to suffer. So don’t fucking say, “Ohhh you’re just paranoid Devin, she’s fine.” She’s not fine! You can’t tell whether she’s fine or not just by looking at her. Internally she could be in deep pain. Her eyes and checks are swollen and all you can say is that she’s fine and that I’m being paranoid for caring too much. I tried feeding her bread because I felt bad for her, but she could barely eat it or lick it! So I smashed the bread in pieces hoping it would help her, but she had no strength to pick it up- is she fine now? She’s walking slow and won’t even look me in the eye, she’s hurt can’t you see it! What are you trying to do, have her suffer painfully curled under a fucking chair until she gets better? And if she never gets better? It really hurts watching Cocoa so lifeless knowing that I can’t do jack shit because no one wants to help me. No one never wants to help me. Please- don’t fucking call me silly for caring this much about a dog, MY dog; she means a lot.


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