I worship the Ds

Let’s be explicit for a second, I LOVE DICKS, not vagina. I’m fucking straight, do you need proof!? I’m so tired of these girls at school calling me a lesbian. EVEN YOU. I came from a middle school where being hetero/homosexual is normal, I’m not going to lie.. girls are a fucking goddesses and we’re darn pretty do admire, but all hail sir penis’s, I love men. I do. Oh whatever, I’ll just ignore those comments, I know what I like, and the people who knows me, really know who I am, so I shouldn’t worry about what other people say… right? Last period of the day, so i’ll see you guys tomorrow…(maybe). BTW- My non living friend is going to make a wordpress! 

P.S. Someone comment, I’m curious to know who’s reading (if anyone is really reading)


One comment on “I worship the Ds

  1. potaapptole says:

    Your non-living friend is commenting.

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