My hands smell like play-doh

Not sure why, but it does. I’m in the mood for typing but I have nothing to type about, so here’s what’s going on right now. My iHome is playing Lorde  from my ipod, but I cheated because before Lorde was Macklemore, but I wasn’t feeling him at the moment. I’m sitting criss-cross apple sauce while my lab journal lays on my lap as I try to sit up straight to type. My hair is brought to my ride side, which makes my left side kind of cold. My mom is packing up for her 3 week trip to Florida to visit her aunt one last time before she goes, because she refuses treatment for her lung cancer; she says it hurts her too much. My dog is being a cat, my brother is watching T.V. and my dad is all over the house. And here are my hands touching the letters on the keyboard to produce this piece.


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