Pet Peeves

~So I’ve been tagged..

1. Chewing loudly– It’s gross, I don’t do it, so don’t do it.
2. When you want to be alone but there’s that one person bothering you – It’s called a personal bubble, when I want to be alone leave me alone, you don’t see me bugging you all the time so respect what I want (Agreed, potaapptole)
3. My door- When you leave my room, I expect you to leave the door how it was when you enter. Unless I tell you otherwise then do it! Don’t walk away like you didn’t hear me.
3. Attitudes to teachers– Don’t give attitude to the teacher for teaching, it’s school and we’re suppose to learn. Don’t ruin my education for your “bad” day or whatever the fuck you’re having. Just don’t; Some people are trying to learn.
4. Erasing the boards– You might as well erase that little mark you left in the corner, I know you left it there on purpose, b/c I saw you look right at it!
5. Walmart- Everything is just unorganized, you have people running every direction, and everyone has attitude who likes to mug other customers. And workers are just so clueless and annoying 😛
6. Poking/Touching- Unless you like my fist up your ass and you balls chopped, don’t fucking poke me! *Poke..Poke..Poke* NO, QUIT IT.. Touching- Don’t do it unless you’re mine or we have a “thing” going on.
7. Potheads– I don’t like drugs, but potheads are the worst. Their attitude is just annoying, their very showy and needs attention.
8. People who don’t cover their mouth after a cough or sneeze- Please do it, I get sick really easily and it’s gross knowing that your germ is floating around my breathing space. So if I have to cover my own mouth for your cough/sneeze, don’t get offended.
9. People who aren’t understandable- Surprise Surprise, but there are people in the world who just doesn’t like the same thing you like.. so don’t beat them up with your rude comments, it brings us down. 
10. Disrespect & Ignorance– I hate people who curse and are ignorant, it just shows how mature you are. If you curse just to curse or if you choose to be ignorant because you aren’t mature learn how to. It’s different if there’s a reason but it’s just setting a bad example. (Agreed, potaapptole)

-ANYONE WHO READS THESE, you have been tagged 🙂


One comment on “Pet Peeves

  1. potaapptole says:

    Awww you did it! Yey!

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