Room 1305, student speaking

The only phone in this class room is the phone sitting right next to me on the right. Wouldn’t it make sense for the phone to be on my teachers desk? So I’m reading, searching up spark notes for the book “Things Fall Apart” because we were having a reading check from chapters one through five, and I didn’t read them. In the middle of my concentration the phone goes off! Immediately I’m thinking, oh god oh god oh god I’m going to have to answer that, but I don’t, instead, I ignore the call… until my teacher called on me to answer the phone. Oh boy, I’m fucked, I hate answering phones when I know that everyone is going to stare at me and hear everything I say. During the dramatic 10 seconds of me slowly getting up to pick up the phone, I almost forgot the line we’re given to when we (students) to have to answer….

“Room 1305, student speaking.” I said through my jaws clenched

The lady sighs at the other end of the cord, “Is Ms. Ing there?”

Wow, that was rude. I quickly scanned the room for Ms. Ing while I’m on the line saying, “Uhhhhh…” then I see my teacher walking towards me and I mouth off it’s for Ms. Ing, “Actually yea, hold on.”

-Yeah, shit was awkward.


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