Party all night, College next day

A guy at my school who I talk to only because we have classes, hosted a costume party on Saturday. It was a kick back for the seniors but anyone was able to come if you contacted him or this other girl who was in charge. It took place at his house. Yes, high school party. Ended up spending the night at his place along with other students/class mates from my school, it was fun. The next day I (which was yesterday) I had to wake up for the trip at SPU, 2 days 1 night trip. It’s a great way to get a college experience (ACE was a lot better though). The last two days were horrible because I slept on the fucking floor… in the cold. I WANT MY BED ALREADY! Right now I’m in sociology class. Blog you later! tired as fuck, very merry grumpy, and oh so irritated


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