The Station

This was some con artist shit, or maybe just luck… really GOOD, luck. Ali and I were eating our $5 burritos from the taco truck until I came with the most brilliant idea to kill time. I’ve always been curious to see what the insides of The Station (which is an apartment of 7 floors and many rooms) looked like because the building is nice and the mini resturants below were quite fancy. So she agreed to go in with me 🙂

When we got to the front I opened the door. But it was lock- you needed a key to get in. Nice. So Ali decides to call our imaginary friend to open the door for us. I didn’t understand why she went all out to make that scene, but I just played along.

So the plan was a fail… until a guy and his 2 friends inside opened the door for him. So me and Ali followed behind, which by the SHE WAS GONNA BACK OUT. So now we’re inside the building in the loby.

We were on our way to the elevator until an old women who was sitting down on the couch with her cane and purse stopped us. She told us how she wouldnt let us in because she wasnt sure if we lived there, which we told her we didnt since she asked. So she asked if we had a friend, which in Ali’s response was a yes. So she said to us, “alright because I didnt want to hit you with this purse.” And she wacks her cane on it. HA.HA. corny. But I guess she believed us because of the scene that Ali made outside which made it sound like we were actually meeting with our friend. GOOD CALL

So now we’re in the elevator. Ali kept rushing me to pick a number, so I chose the highest floor, 7. The door closes, all I’m thinking is, wow im actually in here going to check out the place. The door opens and I thought we were at our floor, so I stepped out….into the loby. The lady yellled at us but ali yelled at me to hop back in since there was a dude coming in the elevator. He swipes his card and presses 5. No wonder it didnt work…

Think about, all the shit we had to dodge and the brilliant idea actually worked. The timing of the 3 men who helped us get in the building and the man who used his card for the elevator to work, all helped us. It was all on good timing. I seriously cant get over how well this idea wasnt really thought out through, worked around its complications. There had to be a reason for the whole thing :p

(This took place last Friday, November 15)


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