C Dad Cad

The answer to the front page, then the back page is all BBB. I got a 100% 🙂 Lol, one of the best test i ever took. we were taking a test in gym and we were going over our pre-test. The same questions on the pre-test will be on the test that Ms. V will actually grade. I asked if it was going to be in the same order and she said, “yes, so start memorizing.” In which i did a great job at



As soon as i start to find someone attractive or i start to develop some sort of liking crushing feeling, i try to think of all the reasons why we would never work out. i would make myself feel really bad, by saying things about me that i wouldnt want to hear, to the point where i feel like throwing up. Then i’ll try to calm myself down. Then I do it the next days until i’m over it.


Cake Pop

A mutual friend gave me one of his cake pop, yay i’m so happy! It’s too cute to eat but I’m going to end up eating it right after I publish this post. I’ve been at school since 7 am and it’s 6:40 pm- I don’t leave until 7 because I’m waiting for my friend Edgar to finish up their recital. I’m in the soap booth selling soaps made from the art club (which I’m apart of)! There’s like 17-20 other booths here at school selling their products as their buisness…wow okay i worded that wrong but you get it. 

I’ve been working on my reading for my literature class but I’ve been getting distracted. I’m so done with it. And i’m so done with this, i wanna eat my cake pop! Byeeee 🙂

Heads or Tails

I find this guy in my school attractive, but I don’t find him intimidating anymore. Except right now when he asked me to help him with his UW Biology homework (we have the same class). The only reason why I was nervous was because I really suck at explaining. And I didn’t want to sound dumb around him and confuse him anymore than he is now. And I also stutter. I really hate how a cute, hot, good looking, attractive person can easily intimidate me, it’s not fair! 

Friday the Thirteenth

It’s no wonder my bus picked me up 20 minutes late. Gym class was probably it’s best today since we didn’t do much. We just took a pretest that only had maybe 15 questions, then we had free time for the rest of the period. I’m wide awake today and I’m not complaining for food, thank goodness. I think my craving for everything is over- then it starts again next month! Fifty Shades of Grey is actually going to be a movie guys! Like it’s actually happening, I cannot wait! I’m probably the youngest reader of the FSOG triology fans


If I could sleep the whole entire day,  I would. I can easily lay in my bed for hours staring blankly at the ceiling or my magazined walls. But instead I’m at school listening to my teacher talk about who knows what- Oh wait never mind, she’s talking about how to write an essay. I think I can do that by now. I’m chewing gum. I should have brought my Symphony chocolate bar but I didn’t want to share any of my chocolates, I’m stingy. I’m in the mood for continuing my story, TTYL.


Is there a cure for this disease? Because I have about five months to live.I’m sitting in class and all I can think about is snow. It’s really cold outside and the clouds are all white, what are you waiting for clouds? All the students are waiting. 

I’m behind in my school work and it’s so hard to catch up because I keep falling asleep when I try to do my work. Even if I had enough sleep, I’m still tired. I think it’s because I’m not fit, the reason to why I’m so lazy and not motivated to do anything except sleep and do nothing- there’s not enough energy in me. I have nothing much to say so I’ll just list out all the homework that needs to be done for each class. Art: Free draw (this is easy)–Literature: Read Antigone and answer questions on Echo–UW Bio: Read the packet–Biomedical Innovation: Find an article and write it’s pros and cons, Write up an argument, and answer 3 questions for each of the two topics–Math: The usual packet

Two more hours of school, then I have work. OMG NO. I need to think happy awakening thoughts!