Goodbye Drake

The concert turned out better than I expected! I ended up telling my dad the truth (with so many sorrys and incoming text) and he said “ it’s okay Devin. Have fun 😉 ” Okay so that text confused me, I pictured him going off and picking me up at Tacoma Dome but no, he just told me to have fun. I told him that Drake was just starting and I couldn’t leave since I paid money to see him live… I hope he knows who Drake is because last time I asked if I could go to his concert, he said no to me. Oh well, I’ll not bother him about that. But earlier this morning, he told me the reason why he said to enjoy myself was because he knew I was panicking and since he knows how bad my panic “attacks” can get, he said that to calm me down. Which freaking worked a lot! I was more loose, thank god.

So yes, the concert was great! It went from 7-11:30 when I thought it would only take two hours! Yeaaaa I was totally wrong about that. So there are two open acts, Feature (who I don’t really know much of his songs) came on at 7 then Miguel who came on at 8, at 9 was just party music for college kids to drink and get hyped. Then at 10 Drake finally came out! He played for an hour and a half. And it was amazing! I’m actually listening to his song Come Thru right now and I just want to scream, but I’m in class and everyone is either reading or working on their grammar online that’s due today- I already did mine. We left the place around late 11 and I ended up getting home around 12- so not  what I was hoping for.

I think our seats were pretty decent for $47 because we’re a lot closer than where I was with Bieber lololol DON’T JUDGE ME. Then these two men told us we were in their seats and when we checked our tickets they were right, we were supposed to sit in row 13 seat 25, WHICH WAS SOOO MUCH BETTER, shout out to the two men who told us we were in their seat. The only thing I didn’t like was how he was flirting or teasing us. I didn’t like it. He said we could just sit in their laps, yeaaaaa NO thanks.
I need to scream to get all these excitement out, omgomgomgomgomogmogmogmogm

~i’ll post pictures later


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