Too much reading

I probably should have started my readings last week but I was caught up in all my laziness. So now I’m making up for it and it sucks. But what didn’t suck was today. I got up at 5 am to volunteer at the Jingle Bell run until 9:30. It was very cold but I was kept warm, thank you clothes. The event this year was a lot better than last year because it wasn’t raining and the event was a whole lot more organize. My job was to cheer people on and to make sure they get to the finish line. It sounds like an easy job, but when you’re not motivated to get loud and cheer them on, it’s hard.

Afterwards I went Christmas shopping for some people. I bought my parents their gift and my brother a fun brain game, in which I can’t wait to play! You have to stack sticks on each other balancing them, whoever drops it all loses. I had a good start at buying presents for my friends. I got a free undie at Aerie of my choice, and trust me it’s real cute. Then I went over to Sephora and spoiled myself a little tiny bit. I bought a eye-shadow palette :}


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