Welcome 2014

I’m 6 days late, but that’s because I didn’t have school on January first. And remember, this is a school blog. First day back from winter break is going well. The only thing new about me is my hair. I thought it was time for me to get a hair cut so eh, why not. Except the hair stylist did my hair a lot shorter than what i was hoping. I wanted long layers, she gave me short layers. I even showed her a picture and i specifically said, “You can cut my hair this short, nothing pass it.” She said okay, but she lied.

What’s your new years resolution? Or are you one of those people who say there’s no point? Because for me, I think it’s fun making a goal for the year, even if I may not follow it. My new years resolution is to be more motivated in life/school and to not be a bitch for no reason: to be positive.


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