Alot not a lot

I have Saturday school for the entire month of March. My auntie had text me during first period asking if I wanted to try yoga with her, since it’s free for the first of march (and also the eighth). Hopefully if I can make the 7 am classes, so that I can try hot yoga–since I’ve been dying to try it!

It’s third period now and I have art. My friend, Cam, isn’t feeling so well, so I’m a loner in class today


Miserable Me

I am nothing but a bundle of sad flowers. I can be so happy and energetic one day, then completely sad the next. And when I’m sad, I can be so sad, that I don’t want to do anything for days: I don’t want to see the sunlight, I don’t want to go out, I don’t even want to talk. I just want to stay home and do nothing. When I’m feeling so depress I think about my future, and how I’m scared to keep living if I’ll always come across this feeling; for the rest of my life. Who wants to feel like that!? I get it, you can’t always be happy, but I feel like I’m more sad than happy. And by looking at all the years I have in life, I’ll be sad for a looong time. It’ll just be part of my routine

Blueberry muffin

Fourth period is not the same anymore without my three friends. I’m planning to switch out of intro to engineering to film studies. My friend Melody is in that class and she says it’s really easy. All we do is watch movies, take notes, then write an essay about it. It can’t be that bad.

This time, it’s room 1107

I delivered a pass to Mr. Prince Charming’s classroom, except he wasn’t there. So, I personally handed out the passes to the students myself. When I made my way out of the classroom, I was looking through the other six passes that I had to deliver and almost bumped into, Mr. Prince Charming. Thanks to my good timing and his, we’re walking together at the same pace, except that I am following behind him, trying to keep a little distance.

So he asks me (at least I thought he was), “Where’s my passes?” In a voice that I can’t describe because it’s so damn smooth and calm. It’s a mixture between smooth, calm, charming, chill, and bored. I wish I could explain in a well detailed description of what he sounds like, but I don’t have that great of a mind.

I told him that I had already handed them out. Trying to imitate his students, he says, “Where are my passes? Can I go home? Be my mommy.” At the last three words, he slowly (and slightly)┬áturns his head, enough for his eyes to see my face; without him to actually have to turn his head a full on 180 degrees.

I wasn’t sure what to say, but if I wanted to say something, I couldn’t. I don’t like making myself look like a fool in front of someone I find attractive. I think everyone could agree with me. But anyways, in my response, I clenched my jaws and gave a small smile.

We went our separate ways, I had to go up the stairs to third floor, he went to the office.

~The end

American Government

I could never deal with anything pertaining to law or politics because I am very indecisive. So if you can find away to shut me up (which won’t take long) you’ll probably have my vote. I can easily be on one side, then the next day i’m rooting for the other. Or i can just simply be in the middle of everything and i can’t choose between the two. I can tell that American Government and I will not be getting along very well. I am going to struggle -_____-