This time, it’s room 1107

I delivered a pass to Mr. Prince Charming’s classroom, except he wasn’t there. So, I personally handed out the passes to the students myself. When I made my way out of the classroom, I was looking through the other six passes that I had to deliver and almost bumped into, Mr. Prince Charming. Thanks to my good timing and his, we’re walking together at the same pace, except that I am following behind him, trying to keep a little distance.

So he asks me (at least I thought he was), “Where’s my passes?” In a voice that I can’t describe because it’s so damn smooth and calm. It’s a mixture between smooth, calm, charming, chill, and bored. I wish I could explain in a well detailed description of what he sounds like, but I don’t have that great of a mind.

I told him that I had already handed them out. Trying to imitate his students, he says, “Where are my passes? Can I go home? Be my mommy.” At the last three words, he slowly (and slightly) turns his head, enough for his eyes to see my face; without him to actually have to turn his head a full on 180 degrees.

I wasn’t sure what to say, but if I wanted to say something, I couldn’t. I don’t like making myself look like a fool in front of someone I find attractive. I think everyone could agree with me. But anyways, in my response, I clenched my jaws and gave a small smile.

We went our separate ways, I had to go up the stairs to third floor, he went to the office.

~The end


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