Got an A on a test that I guessed (in)

I had a test today on chapters 3 and 4 for my American Government class. I’ll be honest with you, I was too tired and lazy to study this week, but I was confident that I knew the content well because I carefully read each chapters, took great notes, and wrote complete sentences for my answers from the questions to both chapters. However, on Wednesday when my teacher wanted to play jeopardy to prepare us for the test (that happened today), I sucked. I hardly knew the answers to anything. So I told myself that I’d study that day and the next day, to prepare myself for today’s test. Obviously, that failed. Last night I tried to study, but I was too tired and knocked out. The only study time that I actually dedicated myself to, was the 5 minutes Shie gave us to study.

I had 25 minutes to complete the test and we had 25 questions. The questions were long, but each question had multiple choice answers. Not so bad right? Except I studied the wrong information! The test was mostly on the three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. And I totally freaking forgot which role they played, but but with the scenario he gave and the little info I remembered of the three branches, I was able to guess and choose. So I basically had to guess most of the questions.

And how did it turned out you may ask? Well, this chick got 92/100! I was NOT expecting this… at…all! Seriously? I am so shocked, I had to refresh my page to make sure that I was signed into my account (Echo: it’s a type of grading source thing)


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