Weak corny spiel

I think I got it all figured out… I think. I am going to try and be more positive about life and focus on the good things rather then the bad. Over the pass couple of years (maybe more), I learned that the more you keep setting yourself up to failure, the more likely it is to happen thinking about all the ways you could screw up rather than succeeding, doubting all the things you want in life, having the mantra that you can’t do it because you’re either afraid, not ready, or not willing to put enough effort into it just makes you weak.. as.. fuck. I don’t like this corny spiel that I’m typing out, but this is a blog where I get to express myself, and right now I’m feeling infinite.

Maybe the reason why I’m typing this up is because I’m in a really good mood; can you tell? But hopefully, with this corny spiel, I’ll come back to this entry and remind myself that I am not weak.


5 comments on “Weak corny spiel

  1. potapptole says:

    That’s the mindset I was looking for

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