I wish i had a place of my own where i can just run to. I have a friend who i’ve known since kindergarten and i could just easily spend the night at her place, but i don’t want any company. i just want to be completely alone. but i can’t think of anywhere to go, and even if i knew a place i don’t have a car.


trying to do homework but i keep getting distracted 


Oh yes, shit just got real. We’re turning in our school laptops today meaning that school is almost over. Seniors, have about 2 weeks left while the younger classes has 3. Not big of a difference, but to me it sure is. I’m all done with everything, now I just need to graduate and take my finals. Tomorrow and thursday is EOC (end of course exam), so whoever isn’t taking it gets a last start! which reminds me, i still need to turn in my 60 hours of service ASAP

Senior Skip Day

I really had no choice I had to come for a little bit. I had to turn in my class work for American Government and work on math homework along with my take home post lab quiz. But i’ll be leaving around 12 with Ali to get her dress over at Redmond, which is like almost an hour away! Who goes that far for a damn prom dress? God damn. ADVENTURE TIIIIIIME