Mid waist

Yesterday after school I went with Ali and Melody to pick up Ali’s prom dress at come tailoring store. Afterwards, we went to Safeway to buy some ice-cream since we were heading to Seaward park. We parked up the hill, so we had to walk down the hill to get to the water since we wanted to dip our feet in. We stayed at a secluded area, and took off our shirts. We kept our bras and leggings on because we didn’t have any shorts to change into and being in our bra was fun–it’s like a bikini okay. 

Today is another hot day. I’m wearing my floral leggings and a heather grey mid waist shirt that translates to “I love bad boys” in french. Don’t judge me, I had no idea what the shirt meant. I just really loved the font, it was hard to pass up. I’m wearing my navy blue or maybe black Toms and a light weight grey cardigan. Yeeea. 

Oh btw, my high school is having a shelter in place through out the whole day because apparently someone was sending threats to our school. They administrators think the person is bluffing, but we can’t be too sure, so we’re all kind of caged in.


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