Suicide notes

Alright yes, next week is the last week of school for seniors! The only two things that I have to worry about until then is my math finals which takes place on Tuesday, then my Biology 100 final exam the next day. I just hope to some, supernatural character, that I pass those two finals. But thanks goodness we can use notes!


Break time’s Over

Staying after school in my school’s library to type up questions for my class. It’s worth 15 content points and that’s a lot. Hopefully i’ll gather enough content points to pass this college class if i fail the final exam. I’m hoping to get at least a C or B, i’ll kill myself if i get anything lower (jk). So i’m basically stuck here til 8 since i’m nice enough to wait for Edgar’s stupid recital to be over. I’m so sleeeeppy

Graduating high school in 14 days. Which isn’t a big deal to me unless you graduated from college, that’s when i’ll be more impressed. My art project is due this Thursday and i finally figured out what my self portrait would look like. I’ll try and post a picture on here if it looks decent enough. it’s lunch time and i am hungry. I ate chips last class period, 80% less fat 😉