Fogged Mirror


writing in mirror

Behind self-conscious translucency
the word sees me through blind eyes,
but I want the world to see me
like the smoke in my mirror.

In my mirror
I’m a blank face,
no name,
no identity.

I can draw in condensation
and create my own images of everything
I want them to see me as
and everything
I want to be

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Free Fall


fall color change

We change our minds
like the seasons
and try to forget
the lives of our past.
Fall makes us forget
how far we’ve fallen
and how far we’ve gone.

As orange and browns,
inevitably wither away
and leave you behind
in a pile of nothing.

Remember to embrace your fall
and change with the seasons

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dirty thoughts

my professor is lecturing the previous topics/chapters that we were suppose to do and I’m just so lost since I haven’t even touched those chapters yet.

so instead I’m in lala land day dreaming about the cute dude in class. 80% of my thoughts were dedicated to horny thoughts of him.

yeah this is ridiculous, I could not focus.

I guess you can say class was fun- in a way.

Raining without an umbrella

I’m always off at 430 but today my schedule changed, today I get off at 4 which was what I wanted because I have class on Tuesday and Thursdays and since I’m bussing from downtown to my college, I’d like to get off early so that I’d have time to get to school. I sill have an hour to kill but I don’t know, just in case if ever in the future there’s a traffic at least I bought myself some time with an extra 30 minutes rather than using that 30 minutes at work..did that make sense?

Looks like I’m going to be working 5 days in a row again, damn :c but on the bright side i’ll have 3 days in a row of being off…unless I take someone else’s shift haha which I hope I don’t because I need to sleep in and watch my inu boku!

19% of battery life

I have nothing to blog about other than today is Tuesday, I laid in bed all day until it was time for me to get ready for class which was around 5 o’clock. I spent most of my day cuddling my warm soft blanket and messing around with my phone (since I have a smart phone now I can do more than just texting and calling, I can surf the net or watch some youtube videos)!

~Awkward, I just caught some dude staring at me

Then I watched some of my Anime series. I think I’m all done with heaven’s lost property so now I’m watching the next series that I’ve been wanting to watch, Inu Boku Secret Service. I’m not into Anime, I literally just got into it this summer thanks to Edgar <<

I’m actually very picky with my series so don’t try recommending me anything unless you know what I like, otherwise i’ll say oh yeah sure when I get the chance….then never watch it hehehe

oh yeah I had class today and I’m lost. I should probably catch up with the previous chapters over the weekend or probably even today or tomorrow….hopefully I won’t find an excuse to not to them. BLEH

first time owning a smart phone

I always think of cute boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios in class when my mind is wondering off when I don’t really understand the topic. I’d share with you my scenarios buuut they’re so dumb and corny =.=”

oh hey guys what? I own a smart phone as of yesterday! And I’m very proud of myself actually. I’ve never owned a smart phone before, all my friends had, except me. And I was never bothered by it. And I’m thankful for that because I never gave my parents hard time begging for a smart phone. I’ve always had those plain Jane phones were you can only text and call- the ones are the buy one get one free type of deal. Sad life but all I really needed was unlimited texting, so I didn’t complain.

I’ve awaited for a smart phone and now I’m in college and I finally got mine. Call me late if you want because it’s true. What I’m really proud of is that I paid for my own phone and that I’m going to pay for my own bill. I deserve this smart phone. And it’s such a perfect timing because I’m learning be independent, I go to college, I have a job and I can pay for my bills. I know what you’re thinking, you’re only paying one thing, wait until you start paying for insurance, mortgage, and all hat other stuff then tell me if you’re having fun being independent. Asshole. Let me just enjoy this moment please

Maybe one day, when I have a kid or so (haha I’m thinking of having 3), i’ll make a deal with them. They can have a smart phone once they’re able to pay for it themselves (: They’ll probably hate me for that but I might end up giving in (who actually knows)