Forever no more a HS student

oh such memories of high school comes rushing through as i signed in on this blogging site. i don’t miss high school at all, but i had so much good memories with wordpress (since tumblr wouldn’t work on our computers anyway, but i mean nsfw).

the only thing that has changed in my life is that i found a job. i’m working retail and forever 21 and so far so good/bad. it has its days but i think i like it. but then at times i’ll think i’ll hate it. though i’m not complaining, i knew what i was signing up for, retail can be a pain in the ass but it’s work,, work won’t always be rainbows and ponies.

i’m also attending a college right now. i’m just taking one class at the moment, math 146 introduction to statistics. I was actually hoping to start school in the winter quarter (or semester, not sure how the measure it) but this was sort of a last minute thing…like a very, last minute thing. my professor is cool, i like him. the class  varies with ages, although i’m pretty sure i’m the youngest one there being 18. the oldest person there is like 60 or 70, i can’t make out his age


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