Quiz one, complete

my very first class that I am taking is math 146 and in my college that translates to introduction to statistics. since this class is only a quarter long, we can only go through so much in such short time meaning that we won’t go through the whole book. Today, as you can see by title, I have completed my very first quiz. which I wanna say it went pretty chill, but I don’t want to jinx it! every time I think I do good in a quiz/test/exam/final, I always end up doing alright or horrible. so my opinion of how I did is staying shut until he post out grades.

hahaha I’m still stuck in my high school days where our computers wouldn’t allow any social medias, except wordpress (that’s the whole reason I started the whole blogging in school thing ;). So before I log onto my school’s computers I wanted to ask the librarian if I was allowed to use any socials medias. she smiled at me and told me yes, anything that helps with your education..or something along that lines. I smiles back and said thanks. she thanked me for asking her and I told her of course no problem. that made me feel good about myself, I bet I’m the only person who has every asked that question. the reason why I asked was because I didn’t wanna be disrespectful to their computer policy thingy. if social medias weren’t allowed then I would have totally respected that…except in high school- that was different


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