After class

I seriously got nothing out of class today. We’re getting into probabilities now and my mind literally goes blank. I can’t think about those complicated scenarios! Reading chapter 3 is going to be a struggle. haaalp mee guys.

I’m not seeing anyone and I’m not doing anyone but I have two condoms in my bag. The reason being was because Ali and I went to Lovers yesterday and we wanted some souvenirs (read my previous blog: Full Moon). So as I’m getting my notebook and pencil couches out, one of the condom decides to get some air and chill out on my desk while my professor is walking towards me to hand my quiz. And as this all happens we’re making little convos. Oh boy did the condom part make everything awkward as FUCK


2 comments on “After class

  1. Probabilities suck… Well, stats in general sucks in my opinion.

    You should give that condom a name 😉


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