Full Moon

I have half an hour until my math class starts so why not blog to pass time? Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. Well at first it was a sad down in the dumps kind of day that turned into a happy up in the humps kind of day. ehhh see what I did there? (;

Like everyone at work was just so sad and grey and not so bubbly and bland. Fucking depressing is what it is. So that killed my happy chill and relaxed mood and turned me into a sad little girl who just wanted to go home and cry. But thank god Ali was shopping at the store I worked in! Turns out that she too was also having a not so good day.

Everything turned out great though because when I saw her I had about twenty minutes left until it was time for me to clock out. Since yesterday was suuper slow and I was basically all caught up with my go backs, I went with her to the fitting room and chatter a bit while she tried on some outfits. Once I got off work the real fun started. Mwahaha.

First we went out to go eat some Thai food, which took us about two hours because we wanted to sit and catch up with our lives since we haven’t  hung out in a while. She’s studying at UW Bothell and she’s also dorming there, so it’s not always easy to schedule a play date (and by that I just mean a hang out). Afterwards we went to Lovers, and if you don’t know what that is that’s basically just an adult store.

Since I six years old I’ve always wanted to go in the stores because every time my parents would drive by that store (to head to the mall) I’d always see all these costumes hanging by the window. At the time I thought it was like party city where it’s all birthday supplies and Halloween goodies. Years later I realized it was a party city for adults. Oh yeah, adults. Adults only type of thing.

Lovers was cool. Meh it was alright, I don’t know what I was expecting but I was hoping for more. We bought condoms, mostly because we wanted a souvenir. Bought the pretties ones of course hehehe. oh and they’re also hiring. I felt like faith was calling my name because I’ve always wondered what it was like to work at an adult store. Like it sounds creepy, well no it is creepy, but I mean I just want to stay at the lingerie and costume section. No way in hell would I want to work at the toys sections OMGGGG

But yeah after that we went to mount baker and parked the car and sat and chatted on the dock. Yeah it was pretty fucking cold but hey, we need out catching up time! And plus it was nice out being surrounded by the night skies and the full moon and the waves of the water. Romantic indeed, but totally with the wrong person.. sad face. Afterwards we did a night time cruise and discovered the Lacey V. Murrow view point, oh my god the view was amazing. The million dollar house who’s drive a walk away is very lucky to have that spot. My eyes were literally in tears when I got out of the car to look at the I-90 bridge, it was beautiful

Class starts in 20 minutes, gotta goo!


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