odd ball out

I’m in a classroom with students who are much much older than me. And today our professor gave us the last 30 minutes in class to discuss with our peers about who wants to be in each other’s group for the project that’ll be due next month. Instantly I’m thinking, oh boy this is going to be very awkward because 1.) I’m like a little 8 year old compared to the whole classes age and 2.) I’m pretty sure no one is going to pick me. Well number 2 was wrong. I was invited to a group! But I still find it awkward because I still have to contact them and talk to them and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to listen to an 18 year old giving advices and suggestions. But meh, who knows I could be wrong.

My thoughts in class today was thinking about the cute boy in class doing me on the desk with this little cute outfit of mine (;


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