19% of battery life

I have nothing to blog about other than today is Tuesday, I laid in bed all day until it was time for me to get ready for class which was around 5 o’clock. I spent most of my day cuddling my warm soft blanket and messing around with my phone (since I have a smart phone now I can do more than just texting and calling, I can surf the net or watch some youtube videos)!

~Awkward, I just caught some dude staring at me

Then I watched some of my Anime series. I think I’m all done with heaven’s lost property so now I’m watching the next series that I’ve been wanting to watch, Inu Boku Secret Service. I’m not into Anime, I literally just got into it this summer thanks to Edgar <<

I’m actually very picky with my series so don’t try recommending me anything unless you know what I like, otherwise i’ll say oh yeah sure when I get the chance….then never watch it hehehe

oh yeah I had class today and I’m lost. I should probably catch up with the previous chapters over the weekend or probably even today or tomorrow….hopefully I won’t find an excuse to not to them. BLEH


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