Raining without an umbrella

I’m always off at 430 but today my schedule changed, today I get off at 4 which was what I wanted because I have class on Tuesday and Thursdays and since I’m bussing from downtown to my college, I’d like to get off early so that I’d have time to get to school. I sill have an hour to kill but I don’t know, just in case if ever in the future there’s a traffic at least I bought myself some time with an extra 30 minutes rather than using that 30 minutes at work..did that make sense?

Looks like I’m going to be working 5 days in a row again, damn :c but on the bright side i’ll have 3 days in a row of being off…unless I take someone else’s shift haha which I hope I don’t because I need to sleep in and watch my inu boku!


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