Spring Quarter

I didn’t tell you guys this but I am on my fifth week into my spring quarter. which means that I am half way through the quarter, or at least that’s what my professor told us. I feel like she’s a few weeks off. Again, I’m only taking one class. English 100+101…okay maybe two but technically the English 100 doesn’t even count towards a college credit, I just need to take it with my English 101 because that’s what I scored when I took the campus test last spring. After this quarter I’m leaving this college for another college because the college that I want to go to has the program I need to become a dental hygienist. How exciting right?

A lot has happened in the time I haven’t been posting on here. Instead I’ve been posting on my Tumblr because that’s basically my life diary..along with reblogs of course. If you want to follow me there just let me know, i’ll probably hand out my links if you aren’t a creep.

The reason why I’m on wordpress is because I can’t focus right now. I’m sitting down in my school’s computer lab trying to type up this paragraph when I keep blanking out on what I want to type. I have the urge to type but not sure how to phrase it or go about it so I thought, meh why not hit up wordpress, haven’t been on here since Fall.


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