Bathoom Conversation

Where’s a great place to have a conversation you ask? How about in the ladies restroom of my college campus? It’s not like we were talking while we were doing our business, although if this were true, I would honestly respond back and keep the conversation going…because I mean why not?

So the soap dispenser in the ladies room was out of soap (like always). But thank god I had my handy dandy hand sanitizer because I ended up having to use that instead. Don’t worry guys, I assure you that my hands are clean. I managed to get some soap out while I kept jamming my hands against the lever, THEN I used my sanitizer. Too bad for the other girl after me though because there was really no soap left. I saw her struggling to desperately get some soap out and instead of ignoring her I thought it would be nice if I would offer her some of my hand sanitizer, in which she was glad to use. Yay good karma for me!

So then we had a little conversation about what we are taking here at SSC and what our major was. Then she gave me a suggestion of which professor I should take if I were to take anatomy here. Bottom line, the conversation was very nice and she was too.

Maybe I might end up doing summer classes. Except of course I’ll just take one because I am transferring for the Fall to Central! Meh, we’ll see.


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