Class Canceled

Because so many of the students didn’t do the reading assignment, my professor decided to kick them all out. A class of around 30 dropped down to 11 and she was not happy. Instead of continuing today’s lesson she just canceled it. My initial reaction was, “jesus Christ I could have been in bed still sleeping in.” But I mean on the bright side, I’m at the library working on homework (after I finish blogging) since I don’t start work until 5. I think my day is going to be a productive day. SCORE!

Ohhh and she told us not to tell the others that we’ll be having a little quiz on the Malcolm X reading tomorrow. Okay, to be honest, I’m laughing at the kids who didn’t do their homework because that’s their fault. They knew what they were doing! All you had to do was freaking read the story and annotate it…how lazy can you get?


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