Fast Car

I see that wordpress has decided to change some things around. Looks pretty cool, do you guys like it?

Not sure what to blog about so i’ll list all the foods and drinks that I consumed today: Milk, birthday cake flavored Oreo, fettuccini, Italian cream soda, fries, vanilla malt shake, and mango melon SoBe.. WOW, looking at my list of intake makes me want to barf, it’s so disgustingly unhealthy! but they taste so gooood (:

spent the night at my best friend’s house. she wasn’t feeling well so I bought her some medicine treats: her favorite ice cream rocky road, her favorite chips jalapeño, and the birthday cake oreo…since safeway was having this buy one get one free thing going on with the birthday cake oreos.

Today we went to downtown mostly because she needed to buy her little three year old sister some clothes. Then afterwards we went to forever 21 and I did a little damage. The leggings, or should I say tights, that I wore today showed my panties. You can obviously tell that I was wearing a light baby blue undies. So we went over to forever 21 and I bought myself a pair of leggings. I ended up buying two; a thick one and a thin one. I also bought myself an underwire bra, two undies, a cami, and a t-shirt since it was getting hot outside and I was only wearing a bra under my hoodie

Have you guys ever stripped in a public restroom before? I never had since I never had a reason to, so when I had to strip naked in the last stall earlier was pretty odd. I changed my undies because I didn’t want to chance my undies showing again on one of the leggings I bought. Then I had to put on a new pair of leggings because I had enough of my tights. then I had to put on a shirt since it was getting hot out. Yeahhhh…FUN FACT: my bra and undies are now a complete matching set. I fuckin love it