SoMo’s Concert

Guys! My math class is almost over! Our last day of class on the 11th of December! However, projects are due Tuesday and there’s a quiz a week after next Tuesday then comes final. Not bad I guess, I’m really not stressing over it.

How was your weekend?! Please ask me how mines went…COS IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. No I didn’t get laid, but it was close to that! I went to SoMo’s concert on Saturday. By far the best concert I’ve ever been to. And I brought the perfect friend to bring. Maybe Ill post a photo up of ali and I’s outfit and maybe a video. Or maybe i’ll forget about it. I’ve posted them all over my other social sites, maybe I’ll skip this one…

Afterwards was a bit hell though because I was wearing heels for four hours straight standing and dancing. I had to lean on my good friend Ali because my foot was killing me. I almost wanted to cry. A nice lady smoking outside told me a helpful tip. I guess she saw me struggling and felt bad, she told me that I should bring my heel to a sonna because what it does it that the steam helps break in the material. Something along those lines but she sounded more smarter about it. I’d take that advice, except that I’d have to pay extra for a sonna lol, ali suggested I just use the blow dryer.

I did almost fall on my way to the car until Ali caught me. After that incident Ali just told me to take off my heels. Yep, I pulled the basic heel move. I was walking on cold cement with my bare foot. But I made sure there was no glass that I would be stepping on. Once we got to the rocky areas it was time for me to struggle some more. God how I love Ali, I leaned on her the whole time to the car. Such a great friend she is. ❤



Lorde Concert: WaMu Theater at 8, soold out. Seating area E, row 24, seat 3, floor seating. Had so much fun with Bernadeth! The only thing that sucked, was us being so damn short. Because it was hard trying to move back and forth to see Lorde perform… but thank god for my heels. I wished more people in the crowd started dancing to her music- I didn’t wanna be the only one groovin

Drake’s Concert

Only ten more hours until the concert and it’s 9:17 am. So my parents don’t know that I’m going to the concert with Ali because I didn’t tell them. I asked my dad last month if I could go to his concert and it was an automatic, “NO.” But I will not take no for an answer because his new album Nothing Was The Same is too good to pass up! Sorry mom and dad, I’m going.

My lie was that I was going to stay after school to work on a project with Ali. My parents met her already and trust our friendship, so they don’t question anything when I say I’m going with her to do something. They also know she drives so that’s a bonus because my parents don’t like driving me places if I have a ride. So I know they’re lazy bums won’t pick me up from her house. Okay enough with the jibber jabber- so the concert starts at 7, and i’m sure it should be at least an hour and half to two hours along. I calculated the timings and we should get home by 10, if we beat traffic (because the drive to Tacoma dome is at least 40 minutes).

Here’s my plan. If my parents ask why it’s taking me so long to do the project it’s because we have to build a 3D model of a DNA and type up a few paragraphs of what DNA is… and also because we couldn’t start until 6 because she had to attend her O2 program. If they call me during the concert I’ll step outside and talk to them, and bring Ali with me if they need to hear her voice. And if they don’t believe it’s okay because there’s a good 3D model DNA in one of my class, I’ll just take a picture of that. So I’m good! I know I know, I sound paranoid… but I want to play it safe! I even logged out of my Instagram because my account is on my mom’s phone and I know I’m going to be posting pictures. Don’t worry, I’ll share some with you too! Ahh I can’t wait!

My friend just told me that Karma is a bitch, well I deserve this concert okay! I’ve worked so hard (that’s a lie) and I’ve had to put up with my family’s shit (,yes, typical teenager stuff). I would normally have a bad feeling about things, but I think today will work out well. And I don’t have that feeling where I think it’s too good to be true, and that’s great because if I do have that feeling then something will go wrong. Something always go wrong.