The Final

Whoa. I see that wordpress has changed. Guess what guys! Today’s the last day i’ll ever take math in my entire life! Looks like I won’ be logging on wordpress for a while since winter break is a month for college kids. My overall grade for my quizzes weren’t that bad. I got a 3.0, not bad not bad, I can’t definitely live with that. I actually thought I got a 2 point something. And for my project we got a 3.6. Then there’s the final but I don’t know what grade I got for that yet. I just need my overall grade to be 3.0. If not, then it has to be higher or I’m screwed. Anyways, see you guys next quarter 🙂


School girl goes to class

It’s that day of the week, Tuesday. I’m a little over 15 minutes early for class so I decided to hang out at the library and blog to the world. Today is great, I’m killing so many birds with one stone. I decided to wear my “school girl” outfit today and I’ve been waiting to wear it and the weather fits perfectly well with it. I’ll try posting a picture later so you can get the idea.

I secretly wanted a few certain people to see me in this outfit (i kind of worded that weirdly but just go with it) and the two cute guys from my favorite Starbucks area and oh my word today was my day. Everyone who I wanted to see me in this outfit saw me! Now I just need this one boy from my math class and I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. And I know what you’re thinking, this girl is a narcissist! And I swear to you I am not, it’s just that I hate dressing up when I’m not really going places, it’s a waste of outfit you know? I chose today specifically because I knew I had word then right after I’d go to class. Do you get what I’m saying? Mmm I’m weird I know.

Okay now I have about 10 minutes. what to type..what to type…OH! I almost tripped today because of my clumsiness! In front of a guy too, maybe I didn’t kill so many birds with one stone today.

I have a quiz today in math and I’m hoping to god it’s going to be a take home quiz. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the chapters that we had to review. It was okay but it was also a little tough. okay no, now I’m getting butterflies since I’m going to have to log off after this sentence and start walking to class. See you in a bit, i’ll blog again!

Forever no more a HS student

oh such memories of high school comes rushing through as i signed in on this blogging site. i don’t miss high school at all, but i had so much good memories with wordpress (since tumblr wouldn’t work on our computers anyway, but i mean nsfw).

the only thing that has changed in my life is that i found a job. i’m working retail and forever 21 and so far so good/bad. it has its days but i think i like it. but then at times i’ll think i’ll hate it. though i’m not complaining, i knew what i was signing up for, retail can be a pain in the ass but it’s work,, work won’t always be rainbows and ponies.

i’m also attending a college right now. i’m just taking one class at the moment, math 146 introduction to statistics. I was actually hoping to start school in the winter quarter (or semester, not sure how the measure it) but this was sort of a last minute thing…like a very, last minute thing. my professor is cool, i like him. the class  varies with ages, although i’m pretty sure i’m the youngest one there being 18. the oldest person there is like 60 or 70, i can’t make out his age